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My oldest daughter is a junior in high school and it has finally started to hit me that we only have a year and a half left of her living at home before college. I really want to spend more time together as a family while she is still here.

Most Friday nights my 6 year old daughter, my husband, and myself watch a movie together. My 6 year old loves movies but we don’t let her watch them on school nights, so she always jumps at the chance to watch one on Friday nights. My teenager usually passes when we invite her to join us since it’s usually not a movie she would want to watch, or she is more interested in talking to her friends in her room.

A little backstory - my 6 year old has always loved watching sports with my husband and myself, she pays attention, cheers for her favorite teams (even when they aren’t the same team mom and dad likes…she has become a die hard Alabama fan, Roll Tide, living in Alabama. Mom loves WVU, Let’s Go Mountaineers and Dad is a GA fan, Go Dawgs) and already understands most of what is going on. My teenager has never enjoyed watching sports (she plays lacrosse but beyond that just isn’t a sports person), so naturally she usually declines our invites to watch games with us. The only exception to this is when I make snacks before a big game. If there are snacks, she joins us and even pretends to watch.

I had a lightbulb moment last week and realized special movie snacks might be the key to getting her to join us for family movie night. I’ve decided that at least twice a month I will plan and make special movie night snacks that match the theme for the movie and I will share them all here to hold myself accountable! I’ve got a few ideas on my radar already, but could use suggestions for movies/themes too. Leave me a comment if you’ve done something similar or if you’ve got a challenge for me to try! I will say both of my daughters prefer live action movies over cartoons. My 16 year old loves comedies and scary movies (usually not appropriate for my 6 year old). My 6 year old loves 80s movies and is a die hard Star Wars junkie! 

I will update this post with each movie night to build a comprehensive list of what we have done, so stay tuned! 

Movie Night #1: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Movie Night #2: Enchanted

Movie Night #3: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Movie Night #4: Princess and the Frog

Movie Night #5: Encanto

Movie Night #6: Free Guy

Movie Night #7: Hocus Pocus

Movie Night #8: A League of Their Own


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