Indiana Jones Family Movie Night

Indiana Jones Family Movie Night

The last movie night we had was Disney’s Enchanted, which my husband called a chick-flick. I promised him the next family movie night would be an action movie. My youngest daughter loves 80s movies like Ghost Busters and the Goonies and enjoyed the Indiana Jones stunt show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but had never watched any of the Indiana Jones movies, so I decided we should watch Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark! 



When planning movie night snacks, I started by thinking of memorable moments from the movie, and knew I needed to do something with the boulder from the early temple scene. I’ve shaped Rice Krispie treats plenty of times into various shapes, and decided it would be quick and easy to make some Rice Krispie Treat boulders. I mixed up Rice Krispie Treats and instead of pressing them into a pan to cool, I sprayed my hands with some non stick spray and shaped them into large balls.


 Next I kept thinking about all the snakes in the movie, and how much Indiana Jones hates snakes! “Snakes, why’d it have to be snakes?” My first thought was gummy snakes, but I was trying to work with ingredients I had on hand instead of running to the store, and I already had a sweet treat made. I wanted to come up with a savory option for the snakes. My kids love when I make homemade pretzels, so I decided to attempt making the pretzels into snake shapes! My favorite homemade pretzel recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction can be found here. I followed her recipe exactly, except instead of forming a traditional pretzel shape with the dough rope, I just shaped them to look like snakes! I baked the pretzels on my Silicone Baking Mats and after they finished baking I drew eyes and a mouth on with some Edible Markers

 Once the pretzels cooled down, I just stacked them on a plate to make my own snake pit.



Now I had a couple of snacks that were specific to Raiders of the lost Ark, and decided to think of a couple of generic Indiana Jones snacks that represented Indy and could work for any of the movies in the series. Indiana Jones is an archeologist, and archeologist work with fossils. I decided to make some fossil peanut butter cookies. I mixed up a batch of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and instead of pressing it with a fork before baking, I drew some fossil like shapes in the dough with a toothpick. 

I baked the cookies according to the recipe’s directions and the fossil shapes I had carved were still very visible after baking. 

For my final Indiana Jones themed snack, I wanted to replicate Indiana Jones’s famous trademark hat! To do this I used Chocolate chips, pringles, and Rolos! 

First I melted some chocolate chips, along with 1/4 tsp vegetable shortening in a coffee cup. I microwaved on 50% power in 30 second intervals until my chocolate was melted. I then dropped a single Pringle chip into the melted chocolate and turned it over with a fork to coat both sides.

Once both sides were coated I used a fork to lift the chip out and let the excess drip back into the cup.


While the chocolate was still wet, I pressed a Rolo candy into the center of the chip to make the top portion of Indy’s hat! I then carefully set the hat on parchment paper to cool and dry. 

When my kids asked what the hat was made of and I told them pringles/chocolate/rolos, they turned their noses up. I reminded them how much they like chocolate covered pretzels and that Pringles are just another salty snack, they finally agreed to try them and loved them! I’ve even caught my teenager melting chocolate and dipping Pringles and pretzels into it since then! 

With 4 snacks made, I knew all that was left was a special drink! I decided to make a liquid gold drink in tribute to the golden idol. I filled these gold trimmed wine glasses with ice and sprite, and then added a splash of pineapple juice. To get the full swirling gold effect, I added a pinch of Gold Edible Luster Dust. The edible glitter really gave this a cool effect and it looked like gold was swirling inside the cup! 

My kids loved their movie night snacks and my husband loved sharing a favorite action adventure with our kids! 

I know I’ve been super behind in sharing our family movie nights! Movie nights still happened, and I took pictures, but hadn’t had a chance to blog about them. I will be sharing lots more movie nights we have done ASAP! 

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