Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Family Movie Night

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As I shared already, in attempt to spend more family time together before my oldest daughter goes to college in a year and a half, I’m challenging myself to do at least 2 family movie nights per month complete with themed snacks. 

It was time to pick our first movie, I wanted a movie I hadn’t seen yet, but knew enough about to come up with some themed snacks. I was trying to think of some re-makes or sequels I hadn’t yet watched. It then dawned on me that I had never watched the 2014 Ninja Turtles movie (with Megan Fox). I grew up loving the Ninja Turtles, I even named my cat Michelangelo when I was 6 (because Michelangelo is the funniest and my favorite Ninja Turtle)! My teenager likes comedies, and while Ninja Turtles is more action, I knew there would be enough humor to keep her happy and my 6 year old loves action movies. 

When thinking of Ninja turtle snack ideas there were 2 foods that immediately came to mind, pizza (of course) and sushi! My teenager loves sushi, but my 6 year old has zero interest in trying it, and sushi is more of a meal to me than movie snack. I remembered the dessert sushi that comes with the kids bento boxes at CowFish Sushi Burger Bar and thought that would be a fun movie snack. 

For the Pizza, I decided to make personal pizzas and the everyone put their own toppings on. My teenager prefers veggie, my 6 year old likes pepperoni, and my husband and I like both combined! I made a batch of Pizza Dough (recipe from The Spruce Eats), and then let the girls put their sauce, toppings of choice, and cheese on their own pizza. I baked them in the oven on a cookie sheet with a Silicone Baking Mat 

While the pizza baked, I prepared the “sushi”.  To make the “sushi” I needed Rice Krispie Treats (I actually planned to make my own, but when I went to the grocery store they were totally sold out of Rice Krispie cereal, so I purchased store bought Rice Krispie treats instead), a circle shaped cutter, some Swedish fish candy, pull apart twizzlers, and sour candy belts. 

I love this set of Mini Geometric Cookie Cutters, although I don’t think I’ve ever used them for cookies! I use them to cut fruit, fondant, finger sandwiches and more! The small circle cutter was the perfect size to make “sushi”. I just pressed the cutter into the Rice Krispie treat and pulled away the excess. I was using the mini treat sized rice Krispie treats, and they were the perfect size for the cutter, for every 3 I made there was enough excess left over to combine and make a 4th circle out of. 

Once all my Rice Krispie treats were cut into circles I topped each with a Swedish fish (just pushed the fish on top). I wanted to create a variety tray of sushi so I decorated them in a variety of ways. For some I wrapped sour candy belts around the outside (to look like seaweed wraps) and for others I used a few pieces of pull apart Twizzlers to tie the fish in place. I think they looked adorable and were the perfect sweet treat for our movie night. 
The pizzas finished baking while I made the sushi. I put everyone’s pizza on their plate and brought the sushi platter to the coffee table to share after we finished our pizza! 

I kept it simple and served Turtle juice (green Hawaiian Punch for the kids and lime margaritas for mom and dad) to drink. 

The whole family enjoyed our first themed movie night and the girls are already asking what the next movie is and what snacks we are having! So stay tuned, the next movie night will be coming up soon! 
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