Disney’s Enchanted Movie Night

Disney’s Enchanted Movie Night

I think Disney’s Enchanted (with Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon and more) is probably the most under-rated Disney movie of all time! I’ve mentioned it to so many times to friends and family and they have never seen it or heard of it! It’s one of my absolute favorites though! When Disney+ first came out I remember trying to watch it only to realize it wasn’t yet on the platform. I recently read an article that talked about the sequel, Disenchanted, coming to Disney+ later this year. Not only was I super excited for the sequel, but it reminded me to check Disney+ again for Enchanted. I was excited to see Enchanted was in fact now on Disney+. My youngest daughter and husband had never seen Enchanted, so I decided it would be the next movie in our family movie night challenge. When I’m planning a party or movie night, I always skim Pinterest for ideas and then find ways to change them and make them my own. When I say Enchanted is under-rated, I wasn’t kidding, I couldn’t find a single Enchanted birthday party or movie night for inspiration, the only thing I found were a few of Giselle’s curtain dresses. I absolutely adore her dress and if I was planning enough in advance would have sewn one for my youngest to wear during movie night! I really had to rack my brain to come up with snack ideas. 

After thinking about all the key moments and characters in the movie the things that stuck out most to me for possible snack and drink inspiration ideas were: The Wishing Well, Poison Apples, True Loves Kiss, Pip (that chipmunk is the cutest sidekick), and transformation (the movie transforms from a cartoon to live action, and of course Queen Narissa transforms into other forms). 

Wishing Well Popcorn cups

I wanted to incorporate the wishing well that Giselle is pushed into and is transported to New York. What movie night is complete without popcorn? I thought little wishing wells would be the perfect vessel to hold popcorn. To make little wishing wells I used: 

Clear short plastic solo cups

Brown construction paper

A black sharpie


Clear Scotch Tape

I started by measuring the height of the cup and cut a strip of brown construction paper to this height. I wrapped it around the cup and cut it down to where the paper would just barely overlap in the back.
Once my paper was cut to size, I just drew on random brick shapes using a black sharpie. 

After my bricks were drawn, I just wrapped the paper tightly around the cup and used some clear tape to secure the paper to itself. 

I then cut a long strip of construction paper that was half and inch wide to make the top of the wishing well/handle for my popcorn buckets. I slid the strip between the cup and the “brick” construction paper on each side and then taped it in place on the bottom inside the paper. 

When it was time for the movie, I just popped some popcorn (we have Movie Theater Popcorn Machine and use the Great Northern Portioned Popcorn Packs that already have the right amount of salt, oil and kernels measured out, but you can use store bought or microwave popcorn too) and added it to each wishing well cup.

 ”Poison Apple” Candy Apples

Queen Narissa mixes up a batch of poison apples in the movie, and since I didn’t want to cast a spell on my family, I decided a batch of red shiny candy apples would be much more appropriate!

To get the candy shell to stick to the outside of the Apple, it’s important to get any trace of wax off the skin. The easiest way to do this is to boil a large pot of water and add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar. Once the water is at a rolling boil, drop each apple in the water for 5 seconds, and then wipe dry (the candy coating won’t stick if there is any water remaining). Once the apples are dry, insert a Lollipop Sticks into each apple and sit aside. 

Next it’s time to make the candy coating. In a tall pot I added: 

3 cups of white sugar

1/2 cup light corn syrup 

1 cup water

I stirred all ingredients together over high heat and inserted my Candy Thermometer  and let the mixture boil until it reached 300 degrees (the hard crack stage).

Once it reached the hard crack stage, I turned the heat off And added 1/2 tsp of gel food coloring. I used red to match the poison apples in the movie, but you can use any color! Once the food coloring is mixed in, I dipped all my apples into the candy coating (I had to tip the pot slightly and swirl each apple to coat). I placed the apples on a sheet of parchment paper, that I sprayed with cooking spray, to cool and harden. 

  True Loves KISS Cookies

 One thing that is mentioned over and over in the movie is “true loves kiss”. I knew I wanted to incorporate it into our snacks. It dawned on me that I could use Hershey kisses as a play on true loves kiss. I have a great peanut butter blossom cookie recipe that I love using Hershey kisses for, but my teenage daughter doesn’t like peanut butter anything (what a weirdo, right…Reese’s cups are my favorite candy!) and I was making snacks to make sure my teenager would join us for movie night. I searched online for other Hershey kiss recipes and found this Red Velvet blossom cookie from Something Swanky. My teenager loves red velvet cake and I thought the red cookie along with the Hershey Kiss would make the perfect “true loves kiss cookie”. 

 Pip the Chipmunk Treats

Pip is my favorite character in Enchanted, the adorable chipmunk makes me laugh with his big personality and impressions! I knew I had to make some sort of Chipmunk snack! I decided to make chipmunk faces out of a few pantry staples. To hold everything in place, I melted a handful of chocolate chips in a bowl and then applied it as a glue between ingredients with a toothpick. I started with a large round cracker, I added 2 vanilla wafer cookies for chipmunk cheeks. I cut a chocolate chunk in half and used half for a nose. I added 2 peanut butter chips towards the top of each cracker for ears. I took mini marshmallows and cut each into fourths and then used 2 pieces as teeth on each chipmunk face. The only ingredient I didn’t have in my pantry was Edible Eyeballs but I ordered these on Amazon and they arrived the next day! I figured the extra eyeballs would come in handy for future movie night ideas! I thought the Pip treats came out adorable and my 6 year old thought they were adorable! 

Transformation Punch and Cocktail 
I wanted to do something that transformed to represent the transformation from cartoon to live action as well as Queen Narissa’s transformations in the movie and I figured the 4 snacks I had already made were plenty to snack on. I decided I should make a drink that transforms! 

When trying to come up with a drink that transforms, I had considered using Color changing cups  that change colors based on temperature and turn a different color once a cold drink is added. The transformation is pretty instant with those cups and my kids have seen those before. I really wanted something that would wow them. I came across some articles discussing Butterfly Pea Flower and was very intrigued! Butterfly Pea Flower has been used as a natural food coloring for a long time in parts of Asia, but butterfly pea flower has another very unique characteristic, it works as a natural litmus strip! When an acid is added it’s natural blue color turns purple! The reaction with acid happens instantly, but you can slow it down by making ice with the butterfly pea flower, then the reaction only takes place as the ice melts, which is slower and a more gradual transformation. 

This transformation fit the bill perfectly for what I wanted to achieve, so I ordered some Butterfly Pea Flower on Amazon and it was delivered in 2 days. Once I had my hands on the butterfly pea flower, it was time to make my ice. I took a handful of the flowers (about 25 small flowers) and put them in a bowl.

I boiled 2 cups of water and poured it over the flowers and let them soak and steep for about 30 mins. 

After 30 mins the water was dark blue!

I strained the flowers out and poured the water into molds to freeze. Any ice cube tray would work, but since our freezer has an automatic ice tray, I realized I didn’t have any standard ice cube trays laying around, so I just used several different small silicone molds (I figured the smaller pieces would be easier to crush later). I put the trays in my freezer overnight to make ice cubes. 

When we were ready to watch the movie, I removed the ice cubes from the freezer and put them in my blender to make crushed blue ice (crushing the ice makes it the perfect size for a moderate transformation…the flowers react instantly to acid, the larger ice cubes would react very slowly, crushed ice was just right). 

For my daughters drinks, I added regular crushed ice to the bottom half of a glass and topped with crushed blue ice. 

I then added some fresh squeezed lemon juice and simple syrup to each glass and then topped with sprite.  As the crushed ice started to melt the butterfly pea flower reacted to the lemon juice and started to turn purple.

My kids loved it!

For mom and dads drinks, I made a Magic Mule. I filled the glass the same way, half way with regular crushed ice and then some crushed blue on top, I added Vodka, Lime Juice and Ginger Beer.  

All our snacks were ready and with our drinks made it was time to watch the movie!

The girls and I loved it, my 6 year old squealed with excitement anytime something happened in the movie that was related to the snacks! My husband wasn’t a huge fan of “the chick flick”, but was content with his cocktail! I’ve promised him the next movie night will be an action movie! Us girls can’t wait for Disenchanted to be released on Disney+ later this year!! 

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Thank you…love these ideas! Definitely an underrated movie!! Can’t wait to use some of these ideas for our Disenchanted watch party!!


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