Princess and the Frog Family Movie Night

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My husband was traveling for work to New Orleans, and brought home Beignet mix from Cafe Du Monde. If you have never had a beignet from Cafe Du Monde, you have been missing out! They are incredible! Luckily for you, if you don’t have a trip to New Orleans planned soon, you can order their Beignet mix on Amazon! As soon as I saw the beignet mix, I knew we had to have a Princess and the Frog movie night!

My husband didn’t love the suggestion, but agreed to watch if it meant I was making Gumbo and beignets! Of course I didn’t realize he had never seen Princess and the Frog before, and was only complaining based on the name! Turns out, it is now his favorite Disney movie (well at least classic Disney). He loved the music, classic hand drawn animation and the story! 

I knew we couldn’t watch Princess and the Frog without Gumbo! So I made a big pot of my favorite Gumbo Recipe from Taste’s Better From Scratch. The Roux may take awhile to develop that deep chocolate color, but I promise it’s worth the work!

Once my gumbo was almost ready, it was time to mix up the beignets. The Beignet mix was super fast and easy, you just add water to the mix, roll out the dough, cut it into squares, deep fry (Cafe Du Monde fries their beignets in Cottonseed Oil and I highly recommend using Cottonseed Oil but you can substitute any non flavored oil if you don’t have time to order cottonseed oil and can’t find any locally), and then dust with powdered sugar!



 I was a little nervous about making the beignets with a box mix, but they were utterly delicious! They tasted just like the fresh ones from Cafe Du Monde! 

It was the simplest movie night we have had to date, with just a single entree and dessert, but it was probably our favorite! The food was perfect and it was nice eating some delicious gumbo and beignets while watching Tiana cook up the same! 


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