Moms Night In - Hocus Pocus Movie Night - with lots of Hocus Pocus Movie Night Ideas

Moms Night In - Hocus Pocus Movie Night - with lots of Hocus Pocus Movie Night Ideas

Hocus Pocus movie night ideas

If you're a mom looking for a delightful way to spend quality time with your mom friends this fall, I highly recommend hosting a Hocus Pocus movie night for moms only! Moms' Night Out is lots of fun, but sometimes Moms' Night In can be even better! In this article, I'll share many Hocus Pocus Movie Night ideas to help you create a memorable and enchanting movie night experience. Let me help you plan a Moms' Hocus Pocus Movie Night complete with delicious snacks that will leave your guests spellbound! 

I enjoy planning movie nights, complete with themed snacks regularly for my kids. If you want to check out my full family movie night series complete with themed snacks, check out my Family Movie Night Challenge! All of these witchy, Hocus Pocus movie night ideas, would also work well for family movie night, but it was so much fun having my girlfriends over for a fun and festive viewing party! Let me show you how to host a Hocus Pocus party! 


Hocus Pocus Movie Night Invitation

Obviously, you just shoot a text or email to your friend group inviting them over for movie night! If you want to be a little extra (I always do!) you can quickly create a Hocus Pocus Movie Night Invitation for free with Canva! Just search the many free templates for Hocus Pocus Movie Night Invitation or Witches Invite and quickly create your own invitation that you can download for free and send to your friends! Here are a couple of different options I threw together in 30 seconds! 

 Hocus Pocus movie night invitation

hocus pocus movie night invite

Hocus Pocus Party Decorations

Transform your living room into a bewitching movie theater with a few simple decorations. Think black cats, pumpkins, and witches' hats. Create a spooky but cozy atmosphere with dimmed lighting and candles (bonus points if you have a Black Flame Candle)!

If your house is already decorated for Halloween, you are all set! If you want to add a few witchy decorations to set the scene, I have included some fun Hocus Pocus party decoration ideas below! 

How cute is this, I smell children banner and balloons set? 

Hocus Pocus Party Decorations I smell children banner

These Hocus Pocus Wooden Centerpieces would be perfect for your party, but would also make cute Halloween Decor for years to come! 

Hocus Pocus Decorations - Hocus Pocus Centerpieces 5 piece wooden

 I also love this Witches Feet DIY from! 

Witches Feet in Cauldron DIY decoration

Hocus Pocus Movie Night Snacks

Hocus Pocus Movie Night Snacks

Can you have a movie night without some themed snacks? I don't think so! Well you could, but it would be a lot less fun and delicious! My friends were coming over for Hocus Pocus movie night around dinner time (we actually sent our husbands and kids over to one of the other moms' houses and ordered them pizza, so we could enjoy the movie in peace!) so we needed lots of snacks to enjoy with the movie! 

I made a Sanderson Sisters Charcuterie board, some Hocus Pocus and witch-themed Royal Icing Cookies, and "Eye of Newt" Deviled Eggs. All of my friends brought a Hocus Pocus-themed snack to share! 

Sanderson Sisters Charcuterie Board

I always enjoy making and eating charcuterie, at Christmas I fill my charcuterie board with all things red and green and always include a cheese ball shaped like a Christmas tree. For birthday parties I've spelled out names or ages in charcuterie. For this party, I thought it would be perfect to make the charcuterie look like the three Sanderson Sisters! 

I started with some round cheeses for their faces. I used a wheel of Brie, Camembert, and Smoked Gouda for the three faces. You could use the same cheese for all three, but I knew we wouldn't stand a chance of finishing three whole wheels of the same cheese, and wanted to offer a little more variety! I used olives that I had cut up for their eyes. I made the lips using Pull and Peel Twizzlers. For Mary and Sarah's lips, I cut and shaped long pieces that had been pulled apart. For Winifred, I cut thin slices of the Twizzler and arranged three slices together. 

After making their faces, it was time to create their hair! For Winifred's hair, I rolled 2 pieces of salami together and stuck a toothpick through the bottom half. I did this until I had approximately 50 tubes of salami.  I stood the pieces upright and used the toothpicks to attach them, first to the wheel of Brie, and then to each other. I used blackberries for Mary's hair. I just scattered the blackberries on the board above the Camembert wheel into a pattern that looked like the shape of Mary's hair in the movie. Finally, I scattered some cheese curds to create Sarah's blonde locks! 

I used fruit to represent each of the Sanderson Sister's dresses. Strawberries were used for Sarah, grapes for Winifred, and Mandarin orange pieces for Mary. 

With the sisters complete, I filled the rest of the board with some Halloween snacks. I used Utz Halloween Pretzels that were shaped like bats and pumpkins on the bottom of the charcuterie board. I added some Halloween Veggie Chips that were shaped like ghosts and bats to the top. 


Hocus Pocus Cookies

I love a good royal icing cookie! I'm not great with a piping bag, but can handle simple shapes and basic designs. For our Hocus Pocus Movie Night, I decided to go with witches hats, cauldrons, and some simple phrases like Hocus Pocus and Amuk, Amuk, Amuk! 

I made cutout cookies using this Witch Cookie Cutter Set and a Sugar Cookie Recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction and decorated them with Preppy Kitchen's Royal Icing recipe.  


Eye of Newt - Deviled Eggs 

I had saved this fun Deliciously Rotten Deviled Egg Recipe to my Halloween Pinterest board. I remembered it when trying to think of some more savory options I could make for Hocus Pocus Movie Night. My friend had told me she was going to make "dead man's toes" to bring, which made me think of some of the other ingredients the sisters use in their potion. The "rotton" deviled eggs resembled an eyeball, so I decided to make it, add an edible eye to the center and call it Eye of Newt! 

My deviled eggs didn't photograph well in the dimly lit room when my friends arrived, I should have taken pictures sooner. These looked much cooler in person! 

 Eye of Newt - Halloween Deviled Eggs

Dead Man's Toes - Pigs in a Blanket

When one of my friends mentioned she was bringing dead man's toes, I wasn't quite sure what to expect! She then explained it was just pigs in a blanket. This revelation sparked an interesting discussion in our friend group though. Apparently, different people have completely different foods that they call "pigs in a blanket". Most of us agreed that pigs in a blanket were cocktail weenies wrapped in dough (like crescent rolls) and baked, however, one friend insisted pigs in a blanket were stuffed cabbage rolls! It was an interesting discussion, and fun to hear what different regions call foods! For Hocus Pocus food, the pigs in a blanket were the cocktail weenie variety!

 Pigs in a blanket “dead man’s toes” hocus pocus movie night snack

Hocus Pocus "The Book" Brownies

Another friend made brownies that looked like Winifred's spell book. She cut the brownies into rectangles, drew on some details with black icing, and added an edible eye to make it look like the spell book! 

Hocus pocus book brownies 

Boo Board and Halloween Cookies

This Boo Board full of Halloween Candy, and fall treats was adorable and perfect to munch on during the movie! 
Boo Board Halloween candy charcuterie


As were these cute Halloween cookies with sprinkles and eyeballs! 

Halloween cookies with sprinkles and edible eye

I loved these little witches brooms my friend made with pretzel sticks, peanut butter cookies, and melted chocolate! 


Spider Web 7 layer dip

One of our friends arrived a little later, and I just realized I didn't get a picture of her yummy and adorable spider web seven-layer dip! I asked her for the recipe, and she said she used this Halloween Appetizer recipe from Chelsea's Messy Apron! 

UPDATE: I decided to re-create this fun Halloween snack for our annual Adult Halloween Party! Here is my version I made:

7 layer dip spider web 

Hocus Pocus Party Supplies - Plates and Cups


Amazon had some cute Hocus Pocus Party Supplies, so we used the plates from the Hocus Pocus Paper Tableware set to serve all the food and used the paper cups for filling up with popcorn! You have to have popcorn at movie night, right? When it was time for the movie, I just popped some popcorn (we have Movie Theater Popcorn Machine and use the Great Northern Portioned Popcorn Packs that already have the right amount of salt, oil, and kernels measured out) and put the popcorn in the paper cups. 

 Hocus pocus party supplies

Hocus Pocus cocktails

We just served Margaritas with dry ice (a fun witches brew), but if I had thought about it in advance, I would have made and served the same fun color-changing cocktail I made during our Enchanted Movie Night! I could have sang, "I put a spell on you" while performing the color-changing magic! 


Hocus Pocus DIY Outfits

My crafty and talented friend, made us matching "I smell children" Hocus Pocus shirts to wear during movie night! You can download the I smell children SVG and make your own shirt too! 


Hocus Pocus Party Game

If you want to keep the Hocus Pocus Party fun going after the movie ends, check out Hocus Pocus The Game. This board game is loads of fun and a great way to keep the party going after the movie ends! 

Hocus pocus board game 

We had so much fun during our Hocus Pocus movie night, and need to plan another moms-only movie night soon!

Having a Hocus Pocus movie night with all of your friends is a fantastic way to celebrate the Halloween season, reminisce about a beloved childhood film, and make new memories with your closest gal pals. With enchanting decorations and delicious snacks, your gathering is sure to be a bewitching success! So, gather your fellow witches and get ready for a night of magic, laughter, and unforgettable fun!


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