Educational Egg Hunt for 1st graders

Educational Egg Hunt for 1st graders

Easter Fun for 1st Graders

First graders still love the excitement of an Easter Egg hunt, unfortunately Easter week falls during Statewide testing for the older grades at our school. Our students are only allowed 2 parties per year and those are typically reserved for Christmas and End of the year. If we want to do an egg hunt during classroom instructional time, it has to be educational! We decided we could easily use eggs to practice their math skills! We would write math facts on the eggs and mix up the tops and bottoms. The kids would have to find all the eggs, separate them, and put the correct solution (egg bottom) to each math problem (egg top). 

Our plan was to split the class into groups of 4 and give each group a color to hunt for. We had 5 groups of 4 so I used pink, orange, yellow, blue and purple. 

Planning and Prep for Educational Egg Hunt

Here are the supplies needed: 

Plastic Eggs (in however many colors as you have groups)


List of math facts 

Our teacher requested I make 32 eggs with 32 math facts per color group, but you can do as many or as few as you like. 

Here are the math facts our teacher sent me to use on the eggs.

 Using a sharpie I wrote the first half of the math fact on the top of the egg (for example, 2+5=) and the end of the math fact on the bottom (for example 7). We wanted the math facts all mixed up though, so you can either write them all correctly (2+5=7) and then switch the tops and bottoms of eggs afterwards or you can go ahead and write them mixed up using the first half of the math facts starting at the top of your list with the end of the math fact from the bottom of your list. Just make sure to use all problems and all solutions so the kids can correctly put them together after hunting their eggs!

After I wrote all 32 mixed up math facts on 1 color egg (there were both light and dark colors, but these are all purple), I repeated the process on the next color eggs, until I had 32 math facts written 5 different times on 5 different color eggs.



 You could fill your eggs with candy/prizes, because we know that’s why kids love egg hunts! We opted to leave the eggs empty, both so the kids would focus on the math first and since they were working in teams so there wouldn’t be any fighting about whose candy was whose. Instead of filling them with candy and prizes, I opted for making a candy and prize bag that they would be awarded for correctly fixing all the math facts. 


Here are the prize bags I made as their reward for fixing all the math facts, you can find my tutorial for making the Bunny Bags Here! I filled the bags with Easter grass, then added bunny erasers, Easter stamps, some Easter Candy and a couple more eggs filled with loose candy like M&Ms and Jelly Beans.

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