Bunny Treat Bags DIY

Bunny Treat Bags DIY

These bunny treat bags are so fast, and easy to make and are very inexpensive. It’s a great way to dress up an Easter gift, party favors or pass out in class!

I made these for my daughters class for after their Educational Egg Hunt. These bags were perfect for holding candy, prizes and a few extra candy filled Easter Eggs.

Supplies Needed:

Brown Paper Lunch Sacks (I picked up a 30 pack at the Dollar Tree)



Ribbon (I also got Easter Ribbon at the Dollar Tree)

Whatever you want to fill your bag with, I used Easter Grass, Bunny Erasers, Easter Stamps, Easter Stickers, Candy, Easter fruit snacks, and some loose M&Ms and Jelly Beans inside a couple plastic eggs.


Start by folding your brown paper lunch sack in half long ways (hotdog fold).



Using a pencil, sketch out one ear on the folded paper bag. Starting on the folded edge, I came down approximately 3 inches and drew a straight line approximately half an inch in, and then made a bunny ear shape going almost to the top of the bag and then coming down about an inch on the unfolded side. 


With the bag still folded in half, cut along the pencil line. 


Unfold the bag and you should have 2 even ears. 


You can now open the bag and fill it with anything you’d like. I stuffed the bottom of my bags with some Easter grass and then added a few candy filled eggs, loose candy and Easter trinkets.  



 Once your bag is filled, pinch the outer right and left sides of the bag about an inch below the height of the straight line between the ears. 

Now bring both pinched sides together in the center, and hold the pinch with one hand while tying a piece of ribbon over the pinch with the other.


Viola! Cute Bunny bag is made! You can glue a cotton ball on for a bunny tail, or draw on a bunny face if you’d like. I liked the rustic look and opted to leave mine plain! You could also hang a name tag from the ribbon if you’d like! 




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