Under the Sea Gummy Candy Kabobs

Under the Sea Gummy Candy Kabobs

I love making these under the sea gummy candy kabobs! They are perfect as a party favor, on a treat table during a party or for a fun snack at school! I’ve made gummy candy kabobs at my daughters under the sea party, a luau party and for my daughters’ class on habitat day when their class was assigned the ocean. 

These are super easy to make but a huge hit with kids! Eating anything on a stick makes it more exciting! There are a lot of readily available gummy candies in ocean animal shapes, but you can definitely make these for lots of other themes as well! In fact, you can make your own gummy candy in shapes that you can’t find at the store! 

When making these for Habitat day at school, I had to use store bought gummies. Our school has a policy that parents can’t cook anything for the class, but we can repackage food. Thankfully I was able to find lots of ocean themed gummies at the Dollar Tree and Target! I used Trolli sour octopuses, Swedish Fish and friends (these had fish, dolphins and turtles), Favorite Day Gummy Sharks, Sour Starfish, and Haribo Sour Streamers (I made kelp and coral from these). 

Suplies needed: 

Wooden kabob skewers


Gummy Candy


3x11 inch treat bags 

Ribbon or twist ties (I used the twist ties that came with my treat bags)

The first step is to prep the wooden skewer by soaking them in water for 30 minutes. This will keep the skewer from splintering when putting the candy on. After 30 mins, dry the wooden skewer with a paper towel and begin sliding the gummy candy on. Use the sharp tip of the wooden skewer and insert it through the thickest part of the gummy candy and slowly slide the candy down. Leave at least and inch and a half at the bottom of the skewer uncovered for tying the treat bag and holding while eating. Continue to add additional gummies. To use the sour streamers, you want to curl the strip back and forth on top of itself and then insert the skewer in the center of all layers, don’t press too hard or the streamer will tear at the folds. Once you have added enough candy to reach the top of the wood skewer, pull the top piece of candy down revealing the sharp tip. Use scissors to cut the sharp tip off and then slide the final piece of candy back up slightly covering the exposed edge of the skewers. The sharp tip is needed for adding the candy but can be dangerous to give to kids, so cut it off after you have added all candy. The sharp tip can also puncture the treat bag which would let air in and make the candy go stale faster.

To package your candy kabob, slide the wooden skewer covered in candy into a 3x11 inch treat bag with the exposed portion of the skewer facing the open side of the bag. Use twist ties or ribbon to close the bottom of the treat bag.


 When boxing these up to transport to school, I laid them in a box with the flattest side down and used a box that was just big enough so they didn’t have room to slide around. If these slide around too much and weight is applied to part of the gummy, they will break and tear off the stick. 


For parties I like to display these upright, and use a Plastic Cake Pop Stand, it adds height to my treat or favor table and keeps the gummies from breaking off the skewer. 


When these aren’t for school and I’m allowed to cook, I like to make a larger feature gummy for the top of the kabob! These are so easy to make using a silicone mold and jello! I always use this Homemade Gummy Candy Recipe from MyPinterventures! All you need is water, jello, gelatin and a silicone mold and you can make any shape or size you’d like! 

For a luau party I made large Pineapples and Flamingos with Pineapple Silicone Mold and Flamingo Silicone Molds for the top of my candy kabobs and filled the rest with ocean animals, shells, coral and kelp!  



With so many silicone molds available on Amazon or craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels the options are limitless!


 **I have included affiliate links to the products I used and can receive a small commission if a purchase is made after you click on a link in this tutorial. All items used in this tutorial were purchased by me and I did not receive anything in exchange.

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