Star Wars Birthday Party - May the FOURce be with you!

Star Wars Birthday Party - May the FOURce be with you!

My oldest daughter had a princess birthday party for her fourth birthday. As we were approaching my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday, I asked if she would like to have a princess party. She quickly responded with, “Only if it’s a Princess Leia birthday party!” I shouldn’t have been surprised, she had always loved Star Wars much more than Princesses. Instead of just focusing on Princess Leia, I threw a general Star Wars party with characters from the original trilogy and the newest trilogy combined. Since it was her 4th birthday, we called it “May the FOURce be with you”. I did make her a Princess Leia dress and embroidered some Leia buns on a headband since she didn’t have enough hair for space buns (in blonde to match her natural hair color).

Princess Leia Costume for Star Wars Birthday party

I made some extra Leia buns headbands (in blonde and brunette) as well as Yoda ear headbands, for her friends to wear and/or take home from the party. 

Homemade yoda ears, made with embroidery machine,  star wars party favor

princess leia buns headband

Star Wars Party Decorations

I purchased some Star Wars Party Printables on Etsy and made my own Star Wars Party decor. I turned a May the Force be with You banner into a May the FOURce be with You banner by printing an extra letter U and inserting it in force. It was super windy on the day of her party, and my banner kept shifting and blowing around, but I promise it was hung straight! 

star wars birthday banner diy

I used some Star Wars balloons to decorate the tables and found this large R2D2 Air Walker Balloon that stood 38 inches tall and made an adorable photo prop! 

Star Wars Party Food

If you are looking for Star Wars party food ideas, I have lots of them! I used printable food tags from Etsy that matched the printable Star Wars party Decor. I gave all the party food fun Star Wars names. Pigs in a blanket became Hutt Dogs. These were just cocktails wienies wrapped in crescent rolls. 

star wars party food, named hutt dogs, made with pig in a blanket recipe



I made a double batch of pepperoni rolls (these are always my kids’ favorite party snacks). I did half with banana peppers/pepperoni/mozzarella and called these Palpatine’s Pizza. I did the other half with just pepperoni and cheese and called these Leia’s buns (because they resembled her hair). I grew up in West Virginia, where the state food is pepperoni rolls, and they are a party staple!   I searched for years for the perfect pepperoni roll recipe, before finally finding this Pepperoni Roll Recipe from Chickens in the Road. They are amazing and I promise, worth the work!


star wars party food, pepperoni rolls with food tag that says princess leia buns

I made a Seven Layer Dip and called it 7 Leia Dip paired with some scoop tortilla chips I called Storm Trooper Scoopers. 


star wars party food 7 leia dip, a playful name for seven layer dip

Food is way more fun on a stick! I made fruit kababs and called them Obi-Wan Kabab-ies.

Star Wars Party Food Fruit Kabobs with tag that reads Obi-Wan Kabobies



 Ewok Treats were just Teddy Grahams poured into a bowl. I made my favorite Pasta salad  from Skinnytaste, but subbed bow tie pasta and called it Bow-ba Fett Pasta.

Star Wars Pasta Salad


Sweet and Salty Sabers were made by dipping pretzel rods in blue and red candy melts and adding blue or red sprinkles while the candy melts were drying. Chewbacca Wookie Cookies were easy to make using a Chewbacca Cookie Cutter. My favorite cutout cookie recipe is this Sugar Cookie Recipe  from Sally’s Baking Addiction. I made some Death Star Krispies by adding some Galaxy Sprinkles to a traditional rice crispy treat recipe and forming balls while the rice krispy mixture was still cooling.


Darth Maullows were super easy to make. I drew stormtrooper faces onto jumbo marshmallows with Edible Pens and pushed them onto a wooden skewer.

 The kids had some Luke Sky-water and Yoda soda to drink. This fun party punch is just equal parts Hawaiian Punch (I used green Hawaiian Punch) and Sprite with a tub of sorbet (I used lime) added to the punch bowl.


I’ve said it many times before, I’m a great baker but not a great cake decorator. To keep it simple, I just frosted the cake with some galactic swirl colors and added some Star Wars Figurines.


Star Wars Party Games and Activities  

The Star Wars Party Printables I bought on Etsy included a welcome to Jedi Training sign, which inspired my first activity for the party, JEDI TRAINING! I used a tutorial for no-sew Jedi robes from Celebrate Every Day with Me to make some quick and cheap Jedi robes for all the kids to wear.

I purchased a Star Wars Rey Costume and hired a teenager from our neighborhood to dress up as Rey and walk the kids through a Jedi Training course. You could search your area for Star Wars themed party entertainers, but I found it to be much cheaper to purchase the costumes and find a few teenagers in my neighborhood's Facebook group! 


First Rey gave each kid an Inflatable Light Saber and taught them how to hold and maneuver their light saber. 


 Then they took turns running through a simple obstacle course I made with a rope ladder, Frisbees, Hula hoops, and foam shapes I found in my garage. 


 At the end of the course, I placed some stormtrooper balloons (I just drew stormtrooper faces onto inflated white balloons with a Sharpie). I had just planned for the kids to give them a quick whack with their inflatable light saber, but we quickly discovered if they knocked them into the fence, the balloons popped. The kids loved popping the stormtrooper balloons, and thankfully I had made enough that each kid could pop a couple. None of the other 3 and 4-year-old kids at the party had ever seen Star Wars, but all had so much fun at Jedi Training, they begged to go home and watch the movies!

 Here is my daughter running and jumping her way through the Jedi training course: 

 The next activity I had planned was to un-freeze Han Solo from "carbonite". To prep this activity, I filled a rectangular Tupperware dish one-third of the way full with water and placed it in my freezer. Once the water turned to ice, I set a Han Solo Figurine on top of the ice and filled the rest of the container with water. I returned the Tupperware to the freezer and left it there until it was time for the party. The Han Solo Figurine was now trapped in the center of the ice block. 



 We filled a bucket with hot water and gave each kid a Water Blaster to squirt hot water at the ice block until Han Solo was freed from the ice (I mean Carbonite)!



 Next, Rey escorted the kids to the Darth Vader Pinata. First, the kids tried striking it with their inflatable light sabers, which we knew wouldn't bust it open. Next, Rey gave them a talk about using The Force and how they didn't need a lot of strength if they could use the force. The pinata was a pull string piñata, where one string will open the pinata when pulled. You can take turns trying to pull the correct string or have everyone grab a string and pull at the same time. Rey encouraged each child to grab a string and think about the force when pulling. The kids collected candy and small trinkets from the piñata and put them into their Star Wars Goodie bags


After collecting their candy, Kylo Ren arrived to challenge their Jedi skills. I had ordered a Kylo Ren costume and found another teenager from our neighborhood willing to dress up. The kids took turns battling Kylo with help and instructions from Rey. After everyone had a chance to fight him with their inflatable light sabers, Rey had all the kids hold up a hand together and use the force. They knocked Kylo down and then he got up and scrambled away. 

Star Wars Party Favors 

 All of the kids had so much fun learning to be Jedis! Each kid got to take home an inflatable lightsaber, water blaster, piñata goodies, and costume pieces.  I think a whole new group of kids became Star Wars fans during the party and my daughter loved sharing her love of Star Wars with her friends!



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