St.Patrick’s day class snack - Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

St.Patrick’s day class snack - Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

I love putting together cute snacks for my daughters class! It’s my favorite job as room mom. Our school has a policy that parents can’t cook anything for the class though, which sometimes limits the cute snacks I can make! Parents are allowed to repackage food though, which helps open up some cute options.

For St.Patrick’s day I decided to make these cute bags with twizzlers rainbows, marshmallow clouds, gold coins, and a cute bag topper! 

Supplies needed: 

Sandwich bags

Bag Topper (I found this one here )

Printer Paper



Mini Marshmallows 

Rainbow pull apart twizzlers (I used 4 bags to make 19 for our class)

Chocolate Gold Coins 



I used a knife and cutting board to cut my twizzlers to the right size. I only trimmed a small amount off the red (outer most layer of the rainbow), and then trimmed slightly more from each next color in the rainbow, orange then yellow, green, blue and finally purple was the shortest). Once all my pieces were cut, I pressed the twizzlers together (they are slightly sticky and stuck to each other naturally), I bent them into a half circle/rainbow arch shape and slid them into a sandwich bag. I filled each corner of the bag with a handful of marshmallows, and added a few chocolate coins under the rainbow. Finally I folded the top corner of the bags towards the center, placed my bag topper over the folded bag and stapled it shut! 

These were a huge hit with the teacher and kids!


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Miranda Weldon is the owner and Chief Crafter at MagpieTayleetot. An accountant by trade, who left the world of finance in pursuit of more creative ventures. This mother of two and Class "Room Mom" to many, loves to DIY snacks, party supplies, and more! Miranda is a self-taught seamstress of 15 years who always prefers to make things herself.

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