Shamrock Fruit Kabobs for St.Patrick’s Day

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As room mom for my daughter’s class, I love to make cute fun snacks for all of the holidays. St.Patrick’s day is one of my family’s favorite holidays (My husbands name is Patrick, and he claims it like a second birthday)! When sending in holiday snacks, I always try to balance it out by sending something healthy along with the sweet treat. I had already made these Pinch Punch Juice boxes and these Pot of Gold Treat Bags, so I needed to come up with something on the healthy side to send with them.

When I saw these Shamrock Floral picks I thought they would be perfect for Rainbow Fruit Kabobs! I cut up fruit in all the colors of the rainbow (red strawberries, orange cantaloupe balls, yellow pineapple, green kiwi, blue blueberries, and purple grapes). When I bought the floral picks I was thinking the stick would make a great kabob stick, but once I opened them I realized the shamrock was shedding glitter and they weren’t food safe. I had to improvise. I used wooden kabob skewers to put the fruit on (with the sharp tip pointing up above the strawberries), and then put the fruit kabob into tall treat bags. Once the kabobs were bagged up, I cut the stick off of the shamrock picks. I used the sharp tip of the wooden skewer to poke a small hole in the top of the treat bag and then inserted the sharp tip into the bottom of the shamrock. 

They were such a cute way to make the healthy snack more exciting looking and quick/easy to make!

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