Reading Campout Day - Class Snack - Let’s read s’more bags

Reading Campout Day - Class Snack - Let’s read s’more bags

The last week of school was the room mom gauntlet of special days! I always make and send special snacks for themed days and the last week of school was full of themed days! 

One of the last days our teacher planned was Reading Campout Day. She set up reading tents in the classroom and encouraged everyone to bring blankets, a flashlight and a favorite book. Reading in a tent with a flash light definitively makes reading more fun! 

When we go camping as a family, my daughter’s favorite thing is making s’mores, so I thought a s’more related snack would be perfect! Obviously we couldn’t have a campfire in the middle of the classroom, and our school’s policy doesn’t allow parents to cook anything to bring in. We are allowed to repackage and combine store bought food though as long as we don’t cook anything.

I thought it would be fun to have deconstructed s’more bags, and started searching for ideas. I found these free bag toppers from Primary Playground on Teachers Pay Teachers, and knew they would be perfect for a deconstructed s’more bag.

Supplies needed: 

Snack sized ziplock bags

Free Printable Bag Topper


Teddy Grahams

Chocolate Chips

Chocolate Wafers

White chocolate chips

Mini marshmallows 

Obviously you could mix this up and use actual Graham crackers or chocolate bars, but I thought it would be fun to have a variety of bite sized ingredients. I just added all the ingredients to snack sized ziplock bags, cut out the bag toppers and stapled them on top.

It was quick and easy to make, which was good since I was planning and making snacks for all the different themed days that week! 

These were also easy for my daughter to transport all 18 in her backpack, instead of me having to make a trip to school to drop them off!







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