Rainbow Seed Packets - Skittles in homemade origami packet

Rainbow Seed Packets - Skittles in homemade origami packet

My daughter’s teacher gave me a list of snacks she wanted our class to have for St.Patrick’s day. She gave me permission to repackage them and make them cute for the class.  I originally planned to put the Skittles in a treat bag with a bag topper that said Rainbow seeds. As I finished planning the other snacks for St.Patrick’s day, I realized I was going to have several snacks in treat bags with bag toppers. I like to do a variety of different snacks, and even though I’m limited to repackaging and not cooking per our schools rules, I felt like 3 different snacks in treat bags with bag toppers would be a bit repetitive. 

I still really liked the idea of calling Skittles, Rainbow Seeds and needed an idea that would look cute without using a whole bunch of Skittles per child. I was planning several other sweet snacks and didn’t need to give each child a ton of Skittles.  I decided it would be cute to make seed packets, that looked like you were buying seeds and when shaken would sound like a seed packet. Plus it would leave the kids guessing what was inside! 

I used an origami folding technique to quickly and cheaply make my own seed packets! 

To make the seed packet, I started with 2 pieces of card-stock (8.5x11 inches), and overlapped them perpendicular. I then cut off the strip on each piece that over-hung the other piece of paper. 

You could also measure and mark the paper to make a perfect square, but it was quick and easy to just hold 2 pieces together and cut the long side off to make a square. 

 8.5x8.5 inch square


 Next I folded the paper in half diagonally, and pressed the fold firmly to hold the crease. 

 Diagonal fold on 8.5x8.5 inch cardstock

I turned the triangle so the open tips were on top and the folded flat edge was on the bottom. Then I grabbed the bottom left point of the triangle and folded towards the center of the triangle, creating a crease one third of the way on my original triangle. 

Fold left corner one third of the way towards center. 


I opened the fold I had just made and then repeated the same fold on the opposite bottom corner. I pressed to create a firm crease on the right hand side of the original triangle. 

 Fold opposite bottom corner 1/3 towards center

 I opened up the creases on both sides and then folded them back down, but tucking the outside point from the right side fold into the inside fold from the left side. 


 With the folds tucked inside the opposite side, I pressed firmly on all the existing creases to hold everything in place.

I then folded down the small triangle on the top and made a crease. It now looked like an envelope, with a triangle fold on the backside of a rectangle. 
Envelope fold

 An envelope could have held the skittles, but they would be more likely to slip out if I put them inside the envelope, especially with kids shaking the packets. Instead I wanted them to be like a seed packet and not an envelope, so I opened the envelope fold on the top and separated the two sides on the open fold from the first triangle. I then added skittles inside this pocket and then re-folded the top back down. I closed the envelope fold with a small piece of tape, but a sticker would be perfect for this too!





I found these cute free rainbow seed labels from The Crafting Chicks. I printed the labels, cut each out and glued one to the front of each of my “seed packets”.

 I used all the colors of the rainbow to make different packets for the kids in our class.

These were pretty quick and easy to make for the whole class and were made with simple supplies I already had on hand! They made a fun addition to our St.Patrick’s day snacks, but would be great as favors for rainbow or garden themed birthday parties too! 



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