Easy cheap Christmas DIY to transform walls

Posted by Miranda Weldon on

We were hosting a Grinchmas party at our house this year and I really wanted to deck the halls in proper Who fashion. We were spending a bunch on food and party supplies so I didn’t want to buy a bunch of new Christmas wall decor, and I didn’t want to have to store even more Christmas decorations after the holidays were over.

I decided I would wrap all the artwork in our house and hang the wrapped artwork back on the walls. The presents hanging all over the house instantly gave our walls a Christmas makeover and it cost less than $15 in wrapping paper and ribbons! When the holidays are over, we can just unwrap, throw away the paper and put our artwork back up! I will save the bows in case I decide to wrap everything next year too! 


Just wrap the front of the frames and tape the wrapping paper to the backside of the picture frames or canvas. 

Use hot glue to make pretty bows and secure the bows to the paper. 

Here are just a few more of the walls from my house. 

It was such a simple DIY that made a big difference towards our Whoville makeover! My kids loved it so much they both wrapped their regular artwork in their rooms too! 


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