Easter class snack - Cheeseball carrots

Easter class snack - Cheeseball carrots

Everyone knows the Easter bunny loves carrots, but kindergarten kids, probably not as much (although my daughter does love roasted carrots with goat cheese)! My daughters class had a STEM activity and craft planned that involved carrots the week before Easter. I was trying to come up with an idea for their special snack that matched the carrot theme, without having them turn their noses up at raw carrot sticks! 

I decided I wanted to make something that looked like a carrot but with a more child friendly flavor. I happened to be making some Royal icing cookies that week (I wish I could make them for school, but unfortunately our school has a no cooking policy). When it dawned on me that my Piping Bags would make a good carrot shape! I just needed something orange to fill them with, I considered gold fish, Cheetos, orange candy, but ultimately decided to go with cheese balls! It was cheap and easy to make 18 for the class! I was able to make 18 with a single large tub of cheese balls. 

Supplies used:

1 large tub cheese balls

18 disposable Piping Bags

9 green napkins

green curling ribbon


These were super easy to make! I started by prepping the green leafy part of the carrot. To make these I cut a green paper napkin in half and then held one of the folded edges and cut slits at approximately every .25 inches on the open side of the napkin. Once the slips were cut, I rolled the napkin up, leaving the side with the slits on top. I just filled each piping bag two thirds of the way full with cheese balls, and then placed the folded side of the napkin roll into the piping bag with the slits on top and sticking out of the piping bag. I took a piece of green curling ribbon and tied the bag shut, trapping the napkin half in and half outside the piping bag. 

 I paired these cheese ball “carrots” with some small pink Gatorade bottles that I added cute Easter water bottle wrappers to. These water bottle wraps were free courtesy of Paula at Blugrass Designs and can be downloaded at Catch my party. Be sure to check out the adorable nutrition label on these! 





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