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My teenage daughter suggested we watch the movie Free Guy for a movie night. She had seen it in the theatre and thought the whole family would like it. I saw it had a PG-13 rating, and questioned if it would be appropriate for her seven year old sister. She said she didn't remember anything real bad, and that there may have been a few bad words. I had planned to look into the rating before watching it as a family. That very same week, I took my dog to the vet. Our vet is a family friend and had commented on all the fun snacks she had seen me posting for our family movie nights. She asked what movie was next, and when I said I didn't have the next one planned yet, she made a couple suggestions that her family had enjoyed recently, including Free Guy. I now had 2 recommendations for Free Guy, so I decided that would be our next movie night! 

I was kinda excited, this would be our first family movie night for a movie I had never seen myself! The only problem with that, was I had no clue what snacks to make. When I asked my daughter for enough details to help me plan some snacks, she told me the main character, "Blue Shirt Guy", was obsessed with bubble gum ice cream and she mentioned his pet gold fish. 

Bubble Gum Ice Cream 

I started by searching our local grocery stores for Bubblegum ice cream, but struck out. It might be popular at ice cream shops, but I couldn't find any to purchase and eat at home. I remembered we do have an Ice Cream Maker so I decided we could just make our own Bubble gum flavored ice cream!


When searching for bubblegum ice cream recipes, I found 2 types, some that made their own bubble gum flavoring using bubble gum and some that flavored theirs with Bubble Gum Extract. I decided using Bubble Gum Extract would be a lot easier and it was inexpensive and fast to order on Amazon. I used this Bubble Gum Ice Cream Recipe from Ice Cream from Scratch and it came out perfect! It does have a strong bubble gum flavor, so if you don't love bubble gum, you won't like this, but I thought it was good and my daughters thought it was GREAT! In fact, my youngest has requested I make it again soon!


Pet Goldfish Graham Crackers 

Since the only other clue my teenager had provided me about the movie was, Blue Shirt guy has a pet goldfish, I decided to come up with a gold fish themed snack. Obviously pouring Goldfish crackers in the bowl could have worked for a movie snack, but I wanted something a little more creative. I decided to make gold fish graham crackers! 


Graham Cracker Sheets 

Store bought cream cheese icing 

Blue Food Dye

Gold Fish Crackers

Edible Pearls 

Edible Sand (made from Vanilla Wafer Cookies, Oreo cookie, and brown sugar)


I started by prepping the edible sand. I used the same technique I used on my Hula Doll Cake. I added a large handful of Vanilla Wafer Cookies to my food processor along with 1 Oreo cookie and a tablespoon of brown sugar. I pulsed the food processor until the crumbs resembled sand. The mixture of cookies and sugar not only give the sand a nice flavor, but using the variety adds texture and dimension to the sand and it really looks natural. If you are short on time or ingredients, you can always use graham cracker crumbs as sand. 

Next, I colored some store bought cream cheese icing blue with food dye. I normally make my own icing from scratch, but I just needed a small amount, and using store bought icing made it faster. 

Once my sand and icing were prepped, I spread blue frosting on 3/4ths of a graham cracker, and then sprinkled edible sand on the bottom 1/3rd of the icing. I stuck 1 Gold Fish Cracker in the uncovered icing and added a few edible pearls as bubbles above the gold fish. Viola, quick and easy gold fish snack! 

I had now used the only 2 ideas my daughter had given me for snacks, but knew I wanted to make a few more things. I didn't want the movie to be spoiled since I hadn't seen it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to look at a few pictures from the movie.

Pink Bunny Peeps on a Stick

I noticed there was a guy in a pink bunny suit on the movie poster, and stores already had Easter candy put out. I decided to make a super simple snack by sticking Lollipop Sticks into pink bunny marshmallow Peeps. My youngest loved holding up the bunnies on a stick when this character appeared on screen. 

In a few pictures I saw from the film, I recognized a few familiar objects, light sabers from Star Wars, and Captain America's shield. I had no clue how relevant they were to the whole movie, but figured even the cameo would make them appropriate to include for movie night. 

Pretzel Light Sabers

For my daughters 4th birthday party, when we asked if she wanted a princess party she responded with, "Only if it's a Princess Leia Party", so we had a May the "four"ce be with you party. I had made some pretzel light sabers for this party, and knew it would be easy to recreate for movie night. 

Supplies needed:

Large pretzel rods

Blue melting wafers

Vegetable shortening 

Blue Sprinkles 

 I added blue melting wafers to a tall skinny cup and added 2 teaspoons of vegetable shortening to the melting wafters (this helps thin the melting wafers just a little for dipping and doesn't effect the flavor.) I put the cup in my microwave for 30 seconds on 60% power and stirred after the 30 seconds were up. I repeated this process 5 times until my melting wafers were completely melted, microwaving for 30 seconds at 60% power and stirring in between each cycle. Once the mixture was melted and smooth, I dipped a pretzel rod into the tall cup, leaving about 2 inches of pretzel exposed and then let the excess drip back into the cup. While the pretzel was still wet, I covered the melting chocolate in blue sprinkles and then sat them on a Silicone Baking Mat to cool and dry. 

Captain America's Shield Pizza Quiche bites

I realized all the snacks I had made so far were sweet, and I wanted a savory appetizer to add. Remembering I had seen Blue Shirt Guy with Captain Americas shield, I decided I would make something resembling his shield with pepperoni. I had recently made homemade pizza for our Ninja Turtles Movie Night and wanted something a little different. I remembered some mini pizza quiches my kids had enjoyed during a football party and decided to make them again but add a pepperoni star to the top to channel Captain America's shield. I followed this Mini Pizza Quiche recipe from Bec's table but after filling and before baking I cut a slice of pepperoni into a star shape. I used the star from my Mini Shape Vegetable cutters set and ran a pairing knife around the outside to cleanly cut the pepperoni.

The pepperoni shifted slightly during baking so it wasn't perfectly centered like Captain America's shield, but they were tasty and my kids didn't mind. 


I totally forgot to plan a special drink for this movie night, but I did happen to have some blue Kool-Aid Jammers in the fridge that I quickly called Blue Shirt Guy punch. 

All the snacks were made so it was time to watch the movie! Remember how I said I planned to read up on why it was rated PG-13? Well I meant to, but after my vet said her whole family enjoyed it, I didn't think twice about it. I quickly learned it got its rating because the language is pretty awful! I don't usually have a problem with a little bad language, and my youngest knows she can't repeat those words, but the language in this one felt excessive. The movie was really funny and we were enjoying it as a family, but I couldn't help but cringe every time a cuss word was used unnecessarily.  As a result, I wouldn't recommend this movie with a younger kid. If it was just our teenager watching with us, I would have enjoyed the movie much more!


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